What I got for my birthday!

It's June which only means one thing....it's my birthday! Scarily, I turned 21 last week so I've been celebrating with friends and family. I've been overwhelmed with the kind messages, cards and gifts I've received! Sometimes buying gifts for people can be tricky, so I've decided to share with you a few of the things I was given. In no way is this post to brag about what I got, more so to give inspiration and insight! 

1. Emma Bridgewater Rose & Bee Bedding - If you've seen a previous post which had pictures of my bedroom you will know I love this sort of pattern/ colour scheme for my room. Also, having put this on my bed immediately, it is one of the softest I have ever owned! 

2. A Little Lucky Elephant by Joma Jewellery - I've always loved elephants for some reason, and this cute little bracelet goes perfectly with my elephant necklace. 

3. Olivia Burton watch - I am IN LOVE with this. My particular one is the midi rose gold dial with grey leather strap but they come in all sorts of colour variations and sizes. It is just soooo pretty and to be honest I'm sad when I have to take it off! The only this is though, having not worn a watch for a long time, I still find myself going to my phone to check the time!! 

4. Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette & Lipstick - I've not always been one for make-up and quite frankly I am horrendous at it but I've been trying to experiment a bit more recently so was pleased to open these. I love all the colours, just have to learn to apply them. 

5. Calvin Klein CK2 - I was given a sample of this whilst shopping a few months ago and have loved it ever since, From what I have read this is Calvin Klein's new gender neutral perfume, therefore it is aimed at both boys and girls. I really can't describe the smell but I don't personally think it smells too "manly", next time your in a fragrance section you'll have too have a sniff! For me I like it when the bottle is really pretty and makes a nice feature on your dresser but I suppose that's what you get for liking a gender neutral perfume. 

6. Toblerone - Because they're not really something I would ever buy for myself as they're just too big but I blooming love them. 

7. nspa Spa Skincare Box - This is perfect for someone who wants to look after their skin without owning a million and one products. The gift set comes with 4 numbered, travel sized products including a cleansing gel, hot cloth cleaner, illuminating serum and brightening day cream. For someone who can be lazy with skincare and not always sure about which products you are meant to use first this is a really useful present. Also, nspa is exclusive to Asda which would suggest it is a lot more affordable than other skincare brands. 

And there you have it, a mini round up of just some of the items I received for my birthday. I should also add, with the money I was gifted I have signed up to Papergang which is a monthly subscription box from Ohh Deer.com. Each month you are sent a selection of stationary items, cards and illustrations and I am so excited for my first box to arrive, its going to be like a birthday which lasts 6 months! 

Hope this has given you a bit of inspiration if you are buying for someone soon or even if you have a birthday coming up! 

Do you have a go to gift that you give people? Do you even like buying gifts for others? 

Hannah x 


  1. you need way more followers lovely! your blog is brilliant, I've just been reading a load of your posts! xo


  2. I love your watch - It is gorgeous! x

    Abi | abistreetx


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