Spaniels and Steam Trains

One of the things I worried about when deciding to get a dog was how much it would effect where we could go on days out as there are many places you can't take a pup! However, for this short break away we took Milo everywhere...including a steam train! 

Here's a few photos from our most recent adventures in the Yorkshire Dales. Although it was freezing, we had to make the most of it so one day we traveled on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway stopping at Oxenhope and Haworth. Haworth in particular is a stunning little town with the cutest main street which runs up a huge hill (we had the best deal as we were walking down!). It's safe to say we were a little anxious about taking Milo on the train however, he behaved so well and I think he enjoyed it! He seemed a little uncertain a first but is used to travelling in the car so I he soon began to relax, so much so he fell asleep peering out of the window and basking in the sun whilst cuddled up on my lap! 

Have you ever visited the Yorkshire Dales? 
Which strange places have you taken your pup?

Hannah x 


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