What I got for Christmas...

Happy New Year! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break, spent lots of time with family and received some lovely gifts. I've decided to share what I got for Christmas as, personally, I love to see what others have been given...a) because I'm nosey & b) because it can give you inspiration for gift ideas for the upcoming year. I am very grateful for the gifts I received and here is a small selection! 

To begin my mum bought be the Yankee Candle - Baby Powder candle which smells DIVINE. I love fresh scents and, although the rest of my family are not overly keen as they think it's quite a strong smell, I love it and as you can see have already burnt it quite a bit. 

During a trip to London my sister ventured into Selfridges and discovered personalized Nutella! Knowing I love Nutella she decided to get my one for Christmas, and I think it's a brilliant idea.. I will definitely be keeping the jar once the content has gone!

I'm so rubbish as choosing perfume and tend to just stick with one so this set of mini perfumes from Next is ideal. Sometimes when I wear the same perfume all the time I get so used to it I can no longer smell it so having three to pick and chose from perfect. 

The next gift is these beautiful earrings, again, I used to just wear one pair now and again so when I saw these on notonthehighstreet  I made sure to drop some hints! 

 Anyone who knows me will know I love to be organised and make lists in the hope that I will stress less. With this in mind my mum bought me a list book from Paperchase which includes small sticky notes, lists and larger spaces for those extra long and detailed lists! I was also in need of a new ipad mini case as my other was, lets say...well used. I am in love with this cover which I believe is from Asda. It it soooo cute and keeps my ipad super safe! 

Finally, it's not Christmas until you've opened some new pyjamas. These are from Marks and Spencer and are the comfiest pants ever. They are long length and have cuffed bottoms and are perfect to lounge around in, day or night! 

I've linked the majority of the products shown in case you want to get your hands on them yourself, if you're lucky some products may even be in the January sales!

Hannah x 


  1. I think personalised nutella is such a cool idea, it kind of reminds me of a while ago when everyone went crazy over the personalised coca cola bottles...except I'd so rather the nutella!



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