Mes vacances français

I'm back from my adventure in France with my family and a few friends. It's so nice to just pack up and leave everything else behind, travel away and relax for a few weeks! Don't get my wrong our holiday didn't run as smoothly as we had hoped it would (major car issues!/ended up flying home!!) but it was still nice to have a change of scenery and spend time with family before everyone slots back into normal work/school routines. 

It was quite a varied holiday ranging from chilling by the pool, walking around the local city and cycling all the way round the lake! Here a few snapshots I thought I would share with you. 

Even if you only go for a few days or just a short distance from home. A holiday can make you feel refreshed, relaxed and recharged. 
Hope this has given you a brief insight into my summer holiday. 
Have you been away this summer? Where have you been?!

Hannah x 


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