July Haul

Hello everyone! 
Sorry for the slight pause in blog posts I just had to find some time!! 

Thought I would share with you some products I've picked up and loved over the last month. Bit of a random mix of items but hope you enjoy having a browse!

Nike Trainers - Sports Direct
I bought these trainers as my others were getting pretty old and tired and I absolutely love them! They arrived a few days before I ran 10k for charity and I was worried they would hurt my feet but they were a dream and helped me all the way round! They are incredibly light, it feels like you're walking on the clouds!

Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner - Boots
I'm a sucker for a bargain so when I saw these on offer (I think they were half price) in Boots I snapped them up immediately! I love these because the shampoo lathers up really easily and leaves my hair smelling and looking squeaky clean!

Floral Skater Dresses - H&M
Floral Dress - New Look
 As well as bargains...I'm a sucker for a skater dress. They're the only ones that seem to suite me well therefore I just keep adding to my collection. The top two are from H&M and it was the patterns that caught my eye, I prefer smaller, ditsy prints in comparison to bolder ones. I just thought they would look lovely in the summer with sandles and also in the winter with tights and boots. The dress below is from New Look I had seen it previously when it was new in and thought it looked nice but didn't really like the price so when I saw it in the sale for £12 I picked it up feeling pleased that I hadn't bought it straight away!

Aqua boost sorbet - The Body Shop
Finally, you may have seen this in my previous wish list post. Funnily enough I walked past The Body Shop the day I wrote that post so thought I would pop in and see what the fuss is about! I really like this moisturizer as it is just a bit different to the usual white and creamy ones. This is so much lighter and does feel like you are hydrating your face with sorbet! I was recommended to put it in the fridge and use it cold, sounds odd but I will definitely try that when I'm on holiday!

And that's my purchases for the month! Have you bought any exciting items this month!?
I'm going on holiday now for a few weeks so I'll be back with some exciting photos from my jollies.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer!
Hannah x 


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